5 Bin Aggregate Trailer

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5 Bin Aggregate Trailer

The CMQ 5 Bin Aggregate Trailer is an all-in-one transportable storage solution & aggregate blending system. Each bin discharges through a CMQ Belt Weigher for very high accuracy. The discharge rate for this unit is 992 tons of aggregate and sand per hour. No crane is required for setup or takedown, allowing quick set up time.


  • 5 Bins, 16-1/2 tons capacity each
  • 5 Belt Weighers
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • Feeds a Portabatch, Blending Plant, or Asphalt Plant
  • Incline conveyor folds hydraulically for transport
  • Proven accuracy of within 1%
  • Discharge capacity of 992 tons per hour
Portable 5 bin trailer | Featured image for Mobile Equipment Landing Page for CMQ Engineering USA.

Portable 5 bin aggregate system with belt weighers.

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Sand being weighed on CMQ Engineering belt scale.

Aggregate being weighed on CMQ Engineering belt scale.