Backfill Paste Plant


Backfill Paste Plant

CMQ has gained wide experience designing and manufacturing Backfill Paste Plants for a range of clients. These Backfill Paste Plants have now become a standard piece of equipment on mining sites.

Backfill Paste Plants are generally used to help construct ground supports in underground mine operations. The mine tailing is a waste product which is mixed with additives such as cement, lime, or fly ash to develop cohesion within the paste so that existing mines can support future work and construction safely. It is an important component of underground mining operations and is becoming a standard practice in many cut-and-fill mines around the world. Backfill material supplied from the plants are placed into previously mined slopes to provide a stable platform.


  • An environmentally friendly plant that uses waste product for backfill
  • Throughput 10,594 — 21,188 cubic feet per hour
  • Computer control system with full reporting to customer requirements
  • Plant blending accuracy to within 0.5%
  • This plant is used to construct ground supports in underground mine operations
Piece of industrial mining equipment, specifically a backfill paste plant | Featured image for Mining Plants Landing Page for CMQ Engineering USA.

Static Backfill Paste Plant.

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Mobile Backfill Paste Plant.