CMQ Engineering manufactures channel beam and truss conveyors designed to the customers’ requirements. We also make rail wagon and truck belt unloaders for restricted areas. CMQ’s ceramic impregnated rubber lagging for head drums provides maximum grip and our specially enclosed tail drum belt tensioner does not expose the adjusting thread to the elements. Our gravity take-up design has minimal moving parts, reducing maintenance costs.

Gunlake Silverwater Plant.


All CMQ Engineering conveyors have:

  • Sealed bearings requiring minimum maintenance
  • A unique designed inclined troughing roller and return roller system which fits standard troughing frames
  • 1-3/16” gap between roller and frame, eliminating rock jamming

Allied NZ Plant.

Want to find out more about our specially designed Conveyors?

CMQ special screw take up where take up thread is not exposed to the elements. Used on Conveyors less than 30 meters long.

Ceramic impregnated head drum eliminates belt slippage and greatly increases the life of the rubber lagging on the head drum.