Stationary Continuous Blending Plants

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Stationary Continuous Blending Plants

CMQ manufactures Stationary Blending Plants with output capacities ranging from 88tph to 1,100tph with cement or lime binders.

The plants feature computer controls (to customers requirements) with belt weighers, decumulative weigh hoppers for cementitious material and positive displacement water and admixture pumps.


  • RCC / Roller Compacted Concrete
  • Paving concrete
  • Stabilized road base
  • Mixing of contaminated soils
  • CTB / Cement Treated Base
  • Backfill paste for mines
  • Land fill soil mixed with bentonite
Static mining plant | Featured image for CMQ Engineering - material handling, quarrying and mining equipment manufacturers home page featured image.

Cement treated base (CTB) plant.

Blending plant with 4 bins.

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Receiving bins with belt weighers.

Receiving bins with spill plates.

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