Transportable Pre-Coat Plant

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Transportable Pre-Coat Plant

CMQ’s fully computer controlled transportable pre-coating plant allows continuous production of pre-coat material or individual batches to the required weight. A specially designed tumble box coats the road chip with emulsion.

The plant can be used as an additional bin for a blending plant or an additional aggregate weigh hopper for a concrete batching plant.


  • Computer control system with full reporting to customer requirements
  • 317 cubic foot capacity aggregate hopper
  • Folding discharge conveyor with 36-inch belt
  • A CMQ belt weigher weighs to an accuracy for within 0.5% and monitors production rate
  • Discharge chute and tumble box designed with 3 adjustable deflector ledges, spray bars and spray nozzles for maximum coverage of emulsion on the product
  • Emulsion tank(s)
  • Positive displacement emulsion pump
  • Diesel generator
  • No crane required

Pre-coat plant configured for transport
• Pre-coating capacity of 110tph and emulsion dispersion rate up to 3 gallons per ton
• An additional blending bin for a blending operation using CMQ belt weigher
• Concrete batching operation or blending of various products using aggregate hopper on load cells

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Plant producing pre-coated aggregate

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