Advantage 250™ Concrete Batch Plant

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Advantage 250™ Concrete Batch Plant

The Advantage 250 concrete batch plant from CMQ Engineering combines precision in-line aggregate blending with CMQ’s Fast Cement™ delivery system for high-quality concrete production at 250 yards per hour.


  • FAST – 250yph production capacity, VFD controlled belts, Weighed water, Fast Cement.
  • ACCURATE – each bin has its own weigh belt system.
  • UNIFORMITY – belt feeds allow precise blending capabilities.
  • CLEAN & GREEN – less dust and lower energy consumption.
  • CEMENT – precision mix design capability will reduce your overall cement cost.
Picture of one of the many concrete plants manufactured by CMQ Engineering | Featured image for Top Level Concrete Plant Manufacturer page for CMQ Engineering USA.

Aggregate Bins


Each bin has it’s own weigh belt scale system, with easy calibration.

Clean and Green.

Elimination of clamshell gates and free falling materials greatly reduce dust and noise. Moist sand encapsulates drier aggregates, dramatically reducing material dust. VFD controlled motors reduce energy usage over a traditional concrete batch plant.

Precision Blending.

Aggregates are discharged from the weigh belts to the collector conveyor below. Aggregates are precision blended in ribboned layers, accurately and consistently.

Moisture Probes.

Our moisture probes are located above material flows giving fast, accurate corrections for moisture control while batching.

Less Dust.

Moist sand from the last feed bin encapsulates drier aggregates, dramatically reducing material dust compared to traditional plants.

Portable 5 bin aggregate system with belt weighers.


  • 3, 4, or 5 bin models available
  • Basic bin capacity: 30 tons heaped
  • No clam-shell discharge gates
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less noise. Less dust.

Belt Weighers


Belt feeds allow precise blending capabilities with real (inflow) moisture control. Get consistent loads time after time, all day long.


  • Special CMQ design
  • VFD controlled belts
  • Weigh belt for each bin
  • Proven accuracy
  • Precision blending
  • Graded aggregates

Want to find out more about our Belt Weighers?


Ribboned Layers.

Aggregates that have been precision blended in ribboned layers are discharged from the aggregate blending unit to the charging conveyor.

All CMQ Conveyors Have:

  • Sealed bearings, requiring minimum maintenance
  • Unique designed inclined troughing roller and return roller system which fits standard troughing frames
  • 1-3/16’’ gap between roller and frame, eliminating rock jamming.

Weighed Aggregate Holding Hopper.

Blended aggregates are discharged from the charging conveyor into the aggregate holding weigh hopper. The holding hopper is large enough to hold a full load, and provides weight verification for high accuracy and calibration.

Chisel Nose Cement Silos

Fast Cement™

CMQ’s chisel nose silos ensure fast and even discharge of cement. Traditional silo cones leave old cement stuck to the sides. As fresher cement spirals down through the middle, the buildup continues and that old cement just keeps getting older — and discharge speed gets slower.

Not the case with our Fast Cement system. The chisel nose design ensures that the first load of cement put IN the silo will be the first load to come OUT of it.

Cement Shutoff Gates.

CMQ’s specially-designed, 1/2-rotary cement shutoff gates are more accurate, faster, and have a longer service life with less maintenance than the competition.

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