Aggregate Belt Weighers

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Aggregate Belt Weighers

CMQ has developed a specially designed Aggregate Belt Weigher in place of the standard aggregate weigh hopper. CMQ Aggregate Belt Weighers, also called Belt Scales, are more accurate than weigh hoppers. They allow even poor-flowing material to discharge evenly from the storage bin.


Advantages of using CMQ Belt Weighers:

    • Aggregates batched to a very high accuracy
    • Allows high volume production
    • No discharge gates
    • Greatly reduces maintenance costs
    • No aggregate weigh hopper to wear out
    • Much quieter operation than typical weigh hopper systems

Typical arrangement of CMQ belt weighers underneath multiple storage bins.

Portable 5 bin aggregate system with belt weighers.

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Sand being weighed on CMQ Engineering belt scale.

Aggregate being weighed on CMQ Engineering belt scale.