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CMQ Engineering’s Portabatch is a portable mobile batching plant that is quick to set up and designed for easy transportation. It is ideally suited for small to large sized construction and concrete related projects where a stationary plant would not be cost-effective or practical. Featuring a compact design, the Portabatch is transported by truck and has a specially made trailer. This mobile concrete batching plant is low maintenance, durable, and easy to operate, which makes it an ideal piece of equipment for contractors, construction companies, and mining companies of all sizes.

CMQ has supplied over 125 Portabatch plants to companies throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Oceana since 1984. Portabatches currently work on the majority of mine and project sites throughout Australia. All remain in operation to this day – they are extremely reliable and robust while simple to operate and maintain.

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Five bin portable concrete plant | Featured image for Mobile Equipment Landing Page for CMQ Engineering USA.

Portabatch being transported to site.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

A Portabatch is a complete front end loader fed mobile concrete batching plant mounted on a specially designed chassis. Through a unique configuration of compact aggregate bins, mixers, and conveyors, we are able to help you bring full scale concrete batching to wherever you need it.

Portabatch with 50T GP cement silo.


  • No crane required
  • Setup / takedown within 2–3 hours
  • Produces 2,472 – 2,648 ft3/hr — 10 loads per hour

Queensland registration.


  • 55-ton capacity cement storage silo
  • 129 cubic foot aggregate weigh hopper
  • 5-ton capacity cement weigh hopper
  • 2,113 gallon water storage tank
  • 30-inch discharge conveyor
  • Chassis is specially designed with triable assembly complying with ADR38 Australian Standards
  • Electrical wiring using steel armored cable
  • 50 KW generator
  • 28 CFM air compressor
  • Remote grease lines

Electrically operated wind down leveling legs.

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What sets CMQ Engineering apart is our commitment to custom design and fabrication. Our team of engineers work closely with our clients to understand their needs, and we use the latest technology and materials to meet those requirements. We also strive to ensure all solutions we provide result in increased efficiency, improved safety, and maximized profits. The difference is clear when you work with CMQ Engineering.

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