Mobile Blending Plant

The Portablend™ is a Mobile Blending Plant designed by CMQ Engineering, capable of continuous mixing or single batch mixes. It can mix concrete, asphalt, emulsion, or backfill paste. The plant is easily towed and no crane is required for setup or takedown.


  • Computer control system with full reporting to customer requirements
  • 55-ton capacity cement silo with reverse pulse filter and overfill protection
  • Decumulative weigh system with operational accuracy within 0.5%
  • 36-inch feed conveyor
  • 264 gallon heated water tank
  • Specially-designed CMQ continuous mixer
  • 36-inch discharge conveyor
  • Positive displacement asphalt pump, flow meter and foam injection nozzle
  • Positive displacement emulsion pump and flow meter
  • Generator, air compressor and hydraulic system
  • For backfill paste plants the continuous mixer has an adjustable hydraulically operated discharge gate

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Portablend vehicle at a quarry | Featured image for CMQ Engineering Design Services - Quarrying & Mining Equipment Design page.