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Portablend – Mobile Mixing Plants

The Portablend™ is a mobile blending plant, exclusively designed by CMQ Engineering, capable of continuous mixing or single batch mixes. It is more than a portable concrete batch plant, as it can mix concrete, asphalt, emulsion, or backfill paste. This is an extremely versatile machine, ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from road aggregate precoat and base material prep to soil remediation.

These mobile mixing plants are towed by a tractor unit to the job site, and easily maneuvered into tight spaces. No crane is required for setup and takedown, ensuring a quick start of production and minimal idle time. The Portablend™ eliminates the need to move pre-mixed materials from a central mixing plant, saving time and the costs associated with transportation.

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New paste backfill plant on site | Featured image for the Paste Backfill Plant Product Page for CMQ Engineering USA.

More than a Portable Concrete Batch Plant

The CMQ Portablend™ is equipped with a computerized controls that allows for precise measurement and batching of materials. It has multiple bins, silos, and water tanks, each with accurate measurement systems, enabling the operator to mix the desired proportions of aggregate, binder, and water for consistent and high-quality output. It can also produce up to 400 tons/hour of cement treated base.

Portablend™ Features

  • Computer control system with full reporting to customer requirements
  • 55-ton capacity cement silo with reverse pulse filter and overfill protection
  • Decumulative weigh system with operational accuracy within 0.5%
  • 36-inch feed conveyor
  • 264 gallon heated water tank
  • Specially-designed CMQ continuous mixer
  • 36-inch discharge conveyor
  • Positive displacement asphalt pump, flow meter and foam injection nozzle
  • Positive displacement emulsion pump and flow meter
  • Generator, air compressor and hydraulic system
  • For backfill paste plants the continuous mixer has an adjustable hydraulically operated discharge gate
Portablend vehicle at a quarry | Featured image for CMQ Engineering Design Services - Quarrying & Mining Equipment Design page.
Portablend mixing plant being hauled by a truck | Featured image for the Portablend Product Page for CMQ Engineering USA.

Customized Solutions from CMQ Engineering

When you are looking to partner with an industrial equipment and engineering company, you want to work with one that can offer customized solutions. Each concrete, mining, and quarry operation has unique requirements based on the type of material being produced, the size of the operation, and its specific application. CMQ Engineering manufactures customized equipment tailored to meet your specific needs, resulting in higher efficiency, improved performance, and the advantage needed to stay ahead in your competitive industry.

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As a leading concrete, quarry, and mining engineering company, CMQ Engineering is able to provide features and benefits not found in most standard industrial equipment. Our innovative portable concrete plant and our mobile mixing plants are examples of how we help clients differentiate themselves in order to attract and retain customers. We want to work with you to give you the competitive edge you need. Get in touch online to get started with any questions, or to discuss your requirements for the machinery you would like to order.

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