static Mixer On Barge


Static Mixer On Barge

CMQ is known for producing customized designs catered for specialized and challenging projects, such as the Tugun Desalination Plant in eastern Australia. CMQ was employed to produce ready mix concrete on a barge 400 meters offshore from Tugun (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia), enabling concrete to be pumped to the ocean bed for the outfall tunnels being constructed. Our static mixer on barge was an innovative solution to a unique problem, and it performed exactly as intended – it got the job done right.

When you need a customized solution for your concrete, mining or quarry project, CMQ Engineering is your go to source. While many of our products are for land-based operations, we are capable of creating equipment for marine environments and other unusual remote locations. Contact us to learn more about our vast fabrication abilities and our specialized concrete equipment, like our barge mounted batching plant.

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CMQ Static Mixer on Barge

When we were approached about the need for offshore concrete production, we started with the idea of a cement carrier ship but scaled down in size and with complete concrete batching capabilities.  A barge mounted batching plant is the ideal compromise between scale, mobility, and functionality. Our barge static mixer has all the same capabilities and features of a land-based mobile batching plant, including ease of use and ease of repair – both vitally important in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the sea. The CMQ static mixer on barge has proven to be a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to other offshore cement transport and delivery systems.

The Next Level of Customization

The level of custom functionality found on the barge static mixer, made to order for the exact nature of your project or operation, can be yours. We are an international concrete, quarry, and mining equipment supplier, specializing in custom engineering and manufacturing. We have provided equipment for countless projects to companies worldwide, and we want to partner with you.

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