Portable Cement Silo & Mobile Hopper

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Portable Cement Silo & Mobile Hopper

CMQ Engineering offers a mobile silo with a decumulative weigh hopper for discharging into an asphalt mixer/pugmill or cement weigh hopper for batching concrete. A portable cement silo and mobile hopper system allows you to achieve the flexibility to take on any job, anywhere, with ease. This is a trailer-mounted unit, allowing for quick transport to even the most remote locations. It is made with a low-profile design, meaning no crane is required for setup or takedown, and making it more stable in windy conditions than upright portable silos. This is a serious piece of equipment, made for efficiency and seamless workflow, no matter where the job site might be.

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Discharge screw in working position.


  • Portable cement storage silo with 82 ton capacity, reverse pulse filter and overfill protection
  • Loss of weight cement powder system to an accuracy of operation to within 0.5%
  • 10-inch discharge screw feeds product into the mixer
  • Lockable motor control panel

Portable Cement Silo

A mobile cement silo is an essential piece of equipment when you need flexibility in your cement batching operation. The closer the source of mixed product is to the job site, the more efficient and profitable the project will be. It is easy to move this silo from one site to another, allowing operators to quickly set up and break down the equipment as needed. A portable cement silo is also perfect for remote or hard to reach job sites when it would be impractical or impossible to install a permanent cement storage system

Mobile Hoppers

Increase your productivity with our portable silo and mobile hopper system. Our innovative solution combines the benefits of both technologies. The portable silo has a mounted hopper to effortlessly facilitate the movement of powder and aggregate materials at any job site. The sturdy construction and easy-to-use design make the storage and movement of materials a smooth, simple, and efficient process. This is a versatile, flexible, and highly mobile system, ideal for any construction project, of any size, anywhere.

Portable cement silo and hopper in operation | Featured image for the Portable Cement Silo & Loss of Weigh Mobile Hopper page from CMQ Engineering.

Silo and hopper in working position.

Rear view configured for transport.

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The purchase of industrial equipment is a major investment in capital goods, so it’s important the equipment is designed specifically for your business operations. When you work with CMQ Engineering, you are working with experts in customization. We have more than 60 years of experience in making high-grade industrial equipment, to the exact specifications and requirements of our clients. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

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