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Bulk Bag Unloader & Auger

CMQ Engineering’s bulk bag unloader is designed to provide convenient and efficient bulk material handling. The unloader is precision made and constructed with heavy duty steel to ensure a safe working environment in even the roughest locations. With an intuitive operation panel and easy-to-use controls, the bulk bag discharger makes bulk material handling simple and efficient.

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We manufacture bulk bag unloaders in both a 2.6 and a 6.6 ton option, both fitted with a bag splitter. These are ideal for remote locations as no crane is required for setup. Being skid mounted and having forklift tyne slot openings in the base allows the unit to be easily lifted. For those looking to maximize efficiency in their bulk material handling system, the bulk bag discharger from CMQ Engineering is an ideal solution.

  • 2.6 or 6.6 ton cement powder capacity
  • Load cells and indicator for reverse weighing
  • 9.8 inch discharge screw
  • 12v winch for raising and lowering auger
Picture of a bulker as an example of mining equipment design from CMQ Engineering USA | Featured image for CMQ Engineering Design Services - Quarrying & Mining Equipment Design page.

6T Bulker Bag Unloader.

6T Bulker Bag Unloader folded for transport.

2.4T Bulker Bag Unloader.

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