Modern Mining Equipment

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Gone are the days of mining with pickaxes and shovels. A minecart pulled by a mule is something only seen in the movies, and we’re not talking about recent ones. We remember the old ways, and are thankful to the miners who came before us, risking their lives for this great industry. But mining has changed, and has grown to a scale not imaginable by the miners of the past. Join us as we take a look at advances in modern mining equipment that have made the mines safer and more productive than ever before.

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Modern Mining Equipment


Humbler than many of the huge machines that are everywhere in modern mining, but a game changer in mining safety. The personal protective equipment of today represents one of the biggest advances in mining, with a focus on the wellbeing of the crew being a big part of any modern mining operation. Hearing protection, fall protection, reflective materials, communication devices, and respirators are just some examples of personal protective equipment. Any miner will tell you this is one of the most important advances in modern mining gear.


Mining drills come in many different sizes and forms, and have many different uses. Coring drills use hollow drill bits to extract samples of earth for analysis of mineral content. Handheld or small truck-mounted drills are frequently used to create bast holes for explosives. There are also large drilling machines, designed for surface or underground mining. These are used for the creation of mining shafts or for production drilling. Ask anyone to mention a modern mining machine, and you will usually hear mining drill as the answer.


A modern mining conveyor belt system allows for the continuous movement of mined material out of the ground or around a mining facility. Mining conveyors are highly modular, and can be custom engineered to the exact specifications needed for any mining operation. They are also tough, being made of steel and other high-strength material. Due to the way they enhance productivity, mining conveyors have largely taken the place of manual material transport.

Mining Trucks

Mining haul trucks are big. Very big. And manufacturers continue to push the envelope by making larger sized trucks with greater hauling capacity – some capable of maximum payloads in excess of 400 US tons. These trucks pair well with modern mining extraction equipment, which can fill a truck of this size in a matter of minutes. The large scale of these trucks makes them more efficient and economical than a fleet of smaller trucks.


Drill and blast mining is a common mining method that relies on the use of explosives to fracture and break apart rock for easy extraction. These explosives need to be powerful to break up solid rock. They also need to be stable and safe to work with. Most research and development in modern mining explosives has been in finding stable blasting compounds, which further shows the importance of safety in modern mining.

Material Handling Equipment

This is a catch all term for a broad category of modern mining equipment used for the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and mining product. This can refer to the earth or ore extracted from a mine, or for concrete manufacturing materials used as mining backfill. These materials can be worth a lot, so safe movement and protection, in ways that minimize waste, are crucial for the economics of mining. Advances in modern industrial material handling equipment have had a large impact on concrete, quarry, and mining operations.

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